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We have been working closely with our Support-Hub Schools to prioritise the projects according to their School Improvement Plan. SSCC is currently working with the schools on the current projects. Only with support and collaboration from the community will these projects be successfully implemented. Thank you so much for strengthening our hands in order to support the schools.

Current SSCC Support-Hub Schools Projects

Nomzamo High School

Calculator Drive

SSCC is running a calculator drive to help 1122 grade 8 to eleven Maths learners from Nomzamo High School to have proper scientific calculators. The lack of calculators for the learners is a direct cause of the poor Maths grades at the school, we believe that we’ll see a huge change in the grades if all learners have calculators.

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Stationery Drive

Our schools are non-fees schools and one of the many challenges the learners face is the basic need for stationery. Any used stationery and donations towards the purchase of stationery are welcomed.

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Nomzamo Recycling Project

Nomzamo Go Clean & Green Project

The objective is to have recycling collection points at all three Nomzamo schools and one swop shop to start with

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Literacy & Numeracy Project

SSCC collaborates with other NGOs that specialize in literacy projects. There is a great need for extra classes and volunteers to be involved in our 5 Support Hub’s reading and maths support programs.

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Library Projects

Strong Schools Community Collaborative (SSCC) is involved with 5 under-resourced schools in the Helderberg area. One of the greatest challenges of these schools are literacy. The COVID 19 pandemic had a great negative impact on the grade 1 to 3’s learners’ ability to read.

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Pencil Bag Drive

Help us equip teachers at our Support-Hub Schools with Pencil Bags.

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Strong Schools have  been supporting and adding hope to our schools and communities for over 2 years. Please click on the button below to watch some of our beautiful Stories of Hope.

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