Introduction: Strand Secondary

Since last year (when Consuming Fire Films took this school’s profile photo’s) to this year, leadership at Strand Secondary has changed hands. Mrs Erica Johannes has stepped into business-not-as-usual as the coronavirus forces schools to be more resourceful and resilient than ever.
There are 1092 high school learners enrolled at this dual medium (Afrikaans/English) academic institution. These learners will hopefully graduate with the best possible quality of a senior certificate as they can, and post matric? Are these learners prepared for life after school, whether it be work or tertiary education?
We believe that a Strong Schools can prepare and align its matriculants for a future of real possibilities and success. If a school has an active working relationship with a supportive community, the school will be able to offer a qualification that reaches beyond the classrooms. A supportive community can also strengthen the school as a whole by offering sponsorships, volunteering and collaborations. Such assistance is what our organisation will offer a WCED school when we facilitate their school improvement programme over three years. At the same time our professional organisational psychologists design and facilitate leadership and staff development programmes bespoke to the school’s needs.
Schools can use all the support they can get at this time! We are looking for corporate partners who will enable us to launch Strand Secondary’s school improvement journey. If not you, then who? If not now, then when?