SSCC is a FOR PURPOSE organization (Non-Profit Company) that helps to build effective STRONG SCHOOLS, so that learners can become independent and productive citizens.


  • Support sustainable change in Under-resourced schools

  • Partner with School leadership and stakeholders to form School Support Hub and Well-being Hubs.

  • Facilitate practical and effective solutions through a 5-step Change Journey

  • Collaborate with like-minded and trusted people and organisations to multiply social impact by means of quality Education.


We want to see the rise of Strong Schools that can bring sustainable change to their immediate communities and the people they represent. 

Schools should be institutions of hope, hubs of opportunity, places of belonging, and vehicles of transformation and growth to their surrounding communities.

We want our schools to produce good fruit like:

  • Quality Education in disadvantaged Schools

  • Improved School Management Practices

  • Improved Life Skills for Educators, Learners and Parents. Values that can transform lives and circumstances.

  • Improved Literacy through better functioning Libraries

  • Improved Learner Academic Performance

  • Improved Parent Involvement through Life Skills workshops and School Government Body training

  • Sustainable Community Projects towards safe, healthy and wholesome learning environments

  • Improved Classroom Management. Capable and inspired Educators.

  • Improved Well-being of Learners and Educators

  • Counselling services supporting our Well-being Hubs

  • A Cleaner-Greener environment in and around the Schools

The stronger the roots, the higher and better the trees can grow. A school’s roots are the support structures and the conduits that allow life to flow to the tree.

A school’s community can empower its school with support, investment, and involvement. In return, a strong school can transform its society by offering hope for the future.