Our Values

The symbolism that roots bring into our organization is very relevant and significant to the way we believe true change will arise.

Roots are underground – the work we do in human capital development cannot be seen with the eye, so too the support structure that carries and enables a school – the community around it. The face of a school will reveal the level of community involvement it receives, or not.

Roots reflect the tree that is above ground, or it can be even larger than the tree itself. What anchors the school is its people, process and support from outside. Many collaborators are necessary to ensure that a school can withstand its storms.

Roots feed the tree – a community connected to its school can allow the school to stay healthy and grow; to operate an efficient and effective institution and moreover to offer opportunities for its learners to flourish.

You have to dig deep to work with roots. We do not propose a quick fix, but a sustainable one. We do not propose a superficial change, but a true transformation. We do not propose an exterior facelift, but an interior awakening. If the roots are strong, the tree will be the proof.