Role players decide it is time to step up and involve the wider Helderberg community

The Rupert Foundationโ€™s project has achieved promising breakthroughs at the participating schools โ€“ both personally and systemically, proving that investing in people takes time but is worth it! But Vonnie Mostert of Camino Consulting still dreamed for the wider Helderberg community to get involved to address the challenges faced by our communities. Another person who believes that the education of all the children in our society is the responsibility of the whole community, is Trudie Schoeman. Together they decided to register a Non-Profit Organisation to build on this momentum; with their relationships with the schools being their most valuable asset.

Vonnie and Trudie approached Caryn Maree to action these dreams, so we introduce to you the Strong Schools Community Collaborative. Our vision is to see the rise of Strong Schools which bring sustainable change in their immediate communities: from downward spiraling life cycles and a failing education system, to healthy, wholesome and hopeful futures for our youth. We believe Strong Schools can become beacons of hope and opportunity and agents of transformation for our society, helping to bridge the inequality gap created by a lack of quality education for all.