By Jodi-Mari Adams

Between 60% and 80% of schools in South Africa face challenges such as insufficient infrastructure, funding, and study materials, leading to a lack of proper life skills, hope, and vision among learners. This, in turn, contributes to higher drop-out rates and limited parental involvement, adding to the violence, poverty and unemployment faced in communities, and leaving many South Africans feeling hopeless.

Since June 2023, SSCC has been establishing Well-being Hubs in support of our various programs. These hubs serve as vehicles for initiatives such as delivering life skills for Educators, Learners and Parents, Youth at risk programs, teaching leadership skills to youth leaders, and providing counselling sessions for identified Trauma & Psychosocial challenges.

At SSCC, we believe in catering to the holistic needs of all staff members and learners, recognising that they are individuals with spiritual, psychological, physical, and lifestyle needs. We understand that addressing these needs is crucial for individuals to become well-rounded and resilient.

We also emphasize building up and blessing our Educators, recognising their critical role as the foundation for our Youth’s Education. Teacher appreciation activities, devotions, and assemblies play a vital role in impacting our Educators, Learners and the larger School Communities.

We are grateful to BrightStar LifeStyle, Capitec Bank, individual donors and City of Cape Town’s Grants-in-Aid-Funding for supporting some of these Well-being interventions.