Introduction: Gordon High School

Gordon High School was founded in 1952. The first school building was just a wooden hall in Church Street, owned by Mr. Eddie Gordon, a cartage contractor from Somerset West. The school was  named after him. In August 1989 the staff and learners moved into the present building situated on the corner of De Beers Avenue and the N2, in the Somerset West Mall triangle – unmissable.
The photo is of deputy principal Mr Clive Wagner, right hand for principal Bernard Simons. Mr Simons is a born and bread Helderberger. He grew up in this school, became a teacher and has taught biology at Gordon for more than 30 years. The school’s principal and Senior Management Team say that their primary task is the academic, social and spiritual development of the learners.
“Our aim is to develop each and every learner as a productive member of society and thus fulfill our role as nation builders.”
This is what the Helderberg (and South Africa) needs – matriculants who can add value to the economy and who have been prepared on all fronts to become responsible and contributing citizens as they step out of school.
Strong Schools wants to assist Gordon High in an organisational development journey to ensure that they reach their goal as effectively and efficiently as possible. Every single day the school must operate well in order to deliver quality education and life enriching opportunities to every single learner. As a Helderberg community, can we help Gordon High to become Stronger?