Fundraiser music concert

We held a seeding function with the aim to raise funds and launch the Helderberg Schools Development project into its next season – aka introducing Strong Schools Community Collaborative! The Musical Potpourri Concert was held on Sunday 3 November 2019 at De Hoop Primary School and the Helderberg Gazette published a lovely synopsis of the event in the paper of 12 November 2019 – here are some excerpts from that article:

At the launch, audiences were entertained by Kaleidoskoop, Sunday Kelechi, Trudette schoeman, Christiaan Brand and Elna van der Merwe.ย The event wat attended by 180 locals who contributed to the event’s success and enjoyed a wonderful afternoon of musical delight. About R15000 was raised through the concert.ย Vonnie Mostert of Camino Consulting motivated the audience to get involved to help raise the level of education in the basin.

Somerset West resident, Tania Schultz, said: “What better way to unwind after all the Rugby World Cup excitement of Saturday than spending your Sunday afternoon in the relaxing company of some of the most talented artists the Helderberg can offer! The artists wowed the audience, their talent, passion and dedication to their various instruments, undeniable. This event was definitely a musical potpourri to remember!”

Sonia Leibrandt, a fellow mentor of the Strong Schools Community Collaborative, said: “Die vraag, ‘Waarom is jy deel van so ‘n skole projek’, hoor ek so baie. Die antwoord: omdat ek ‘n kind van hierdie mooie, natuurskone Helderberg-kom is. Ek het groot hier kom word. Ek aanskou armoede, agteruitgang en kinders wie gebuk gaan onder moeilike sosio-ekonomiese probleme. Gevolglik mismoedige opvoeders en gefrustreerde, ongedissiplineerde kinders. Ek, as oud skoolhoof wat by drie skole in die Kom betrokke was, kan eerstehands verhale vertel wat jou sal laat regop sit. Uit dankbaarheid vir die seรซninge en opvoeding wat my familie en kinders geniet, wil ek my wysheid en ondervinding met die agtergeblewe kinders deel.”

We are very thankful and happy for the amount we could raise with our music concert for all the registration and groundwork work in order to launch this new non-profit company. We honour and thank all our supporters once again. Please support the local businesses and people who supported this initiative. We also honour and thank all the artists once again for their excellent performances. You can contact them for performances at private concerts, weddings and other occasions: Elna van der Merwe, Sunday Kelechi, Trudette Schoeman, Christian Brand and Kaleidoskoop. Please support these talented artists.

The sponsors of this event are already starting to form the root system for our Strong Schools Community Collaborative! The bigger and healthier the roots, the better the chances of fruit bearing and blossoming trees.