What’s the Buzz on Radio Helderberg

What’s the Buzz is a current affairs show on Radio Helderberg hosted by Norman McFarlane every Wednesday morning from 11:30. Today Norman chatted to us about how Strong Schools is supporting our WCED schools in their task to ready their schools for teaching during covid-19. We are so grateful for the media exposure and the opportunity to share our story and give a call to action to the Helderberg Basin.

Our feeling is that we should be creating a BUZZ within each and every one of our schools. We. Ourselves. Changing deficiency mindsets (that focus on what I don’t have, so I can’t) to asset based mindsets (that focus on what I have and leverage on your strengths). We are already coaching our principals in these principles

Furthermore, what Camino Consulting is facilitating within the leadership teams of our 13 schools, is the HERO mindset: developing people who are Hopeful, who have self Efficacy (confidence and belief in themselves that they can do difficult things), who are Resilient and Optimistic.

Us as a collective Helderberg Community should also have a HERO mindset and believe that we can support our schools in the necessary ways to help them successfully navigate these treacherous covid-19 waters. If we could find a group of businesses or individuals to fund a Strong Schools coordinator at one school (for starters), the experiment will be able to deliver measurable results to the hypothesis: If an under resourced school has the dedicated support of its community, taking ownership of its mandate to educate, it will see change and results, and seemingly impossible expectations come to fruition faster than surrounding schools without such involvement!

Let’s be the first district to take ownership of our WCED schools! What a story we could be writing…

Here is the audio of the interview and here is a link to a video explaining the VUCA world, which is referred to in the conversation.